Two Wolves Battle

-This Teaching Story was a gift to me, so it comes to you, a gift of Awareness- hope you find it useful, a good story for young people (and me too).
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Along time ago, maybe last week, a young girl around 10 years old went to her Tunkashila upset and worried (Tunkashila- formal word for Grandfather). She calls her Grandpa Lolo Bear,  (Lolo being the informal or familiar word in Lakota for Grandfather).

“Lolo,” she says. “I am upset and sad. Sometimes I get so angry and cranky, even with my friends and brothers, that I am mean and sometimes cruel to them.Why do I do this, Lolo? Help me understand why.”

Her Grandfather smiled at her, as always, and patted a place on the log he sat on near the evening fire.

“Sit, Takosja (grandchild-in Lakota) and I will tell you a story, a teaching story about all of us two-leggeds. ” She smiled and sat, as Lolo’s stories were always good.

“Each of us,” he began. “Have two wolves inside of our minds. One wolf is black, angry, mean and selfish and only thinks of itself. The other wolf is white, being kind and gentle and loving, and always remembers the Circle of others it is related to. This wolf shares and cares. And every day, these two wolves fight, one wanting to overcome the other, all day, almost every day, inside of almost all two-leggeds.”

The young one’s eyes were really big and a little afraid now, as she said, “Which one will win Lolo?”

Her Lolo looks at her and smiles and answers.

“The one you feed Takosja. The one you feed. And what I mean by that is that you are in charge of your thoughts and some thoughts cause trouble for you and other People. And some thoughts bring peace and love to you and other People. And you must decide which thoughts you are going to choose, because the wolf that you feed is the wolf that will win. And we choose black and white only because they are so different. Remember our Creator made both wolves.”

The young one said, “Thank you Lolo. You give good stories and always make me think,” as she slowly walked away, thinking…

– Hal Robinson

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