Stalking Guidance

I’ve been learning and searching and exploring Guidance for a while now and recently had a moment of Awareness that changed my entire perspective. I am receiving Guidance all the time, everyday, all day long and was asleep to this fact.

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“You’ve been spending all your time searching for a sign
that’s never gonna look the way you want it.”
– John Mayer lyrics from
If I Ever Get Around to Living

After reading several books on guidance and living with my intuition, I have been exploring the How of all of this. And the How finally came.

One pivotal point was listening to Caroline Myss talk about using our intuition, something we all possess and yet in today’s society we aren’t taught How to use it. She spoke of intuition as something to be used all the time, even while shopping at the grocery store, to just ask for guidance while perusing the isles of endless food.

This intuitive grocery shopping assisted me in changing my perspective of guidance and intuition. That it is not for special occasions only. I had been limiting myself with the belief that my intuition would only shine through during my spiritual endeavors… and then I woke up a little more.

Everything in my life is a spiritual act. Nothing, not even shopping for groceries, is left out.

My ‘great awakening’ came when I sat down for lunch remembering I had not taken my morning vitamins. My next thought was a Judgment – “How stupid, I forgot to take my vitamins. Uh!”

And then I woke up, a little anyways.

This judgment is How I block my guidance. The neutral reminder, the perfect time right before I began eating, was my guidance and I blocked it with the judgment that I Should have already done this and the yucky feeling accompanied with such an unhappy thought. I let the judgment go and grabbed my vitamins and enjoyed a good meal.

I was able to experience this again later that day while I was walking to my truck loaded down with a couple of bags to stay the night at my Parent’s and I remembered I left the bag of perishable groceries on the counter.

Wham! Another judgment hit me and I changed my emotional state almost simultaneously. Then I woke up a little and realized
This was the Guidance I had been praying for!

How perfect to remember the groceries before I had even started my truck. And to almost miss this beautiful moment described as Guidance because of a judgmental thought that I should have never left the grocery bag in the first place.

This is How I use Stalking to live my life in a more pleasing way, following guidance and trusting that all is well in my World. Stalking assists me in waking up and hearing the judgmental thoughts that keep me separate from happiness. And when I am Aware of the automatic judgmental thoughts that I have been trained to think, I now have the choice to believe them or not. Having the option allows me to choose thoughts that feel good to me, like guidance, and let go of the other non-beneficial ones.

– Callie Whitworth

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