Dreaming through Fear to Experience Pleasure

My dream began with me walking down a path leading to a tropical beach. There is beautiful green growth all around me with splashes vibrant flowers. I know this place. I’ve been here before with my brothers, a secluded beach on the island of Guam.


I feel excitement anticipating my emergence from the tropical plants all around me to the ocean waves touching the secluded beach.

Then my Fear comes and suddenly my excitement is replaced with thoughts of fear for my safety.

I turn around and move away from the beach that is so beautiful and I was so excited to visit. I gave up what I Wanted when I believed I was unsafe. 

My Fear got me.

Upon awaking I still feel the Fear from the last moments of the dream. I feel unbalanced and shaky. Not wanting to go back to sleep feeling this way, knowing it will lead to another dream filled with Fear, I begin to Stalk my Fear.

Or shall I say the Creator of my Fear. Because to say my Fear came upon me is placing me in a victim role, one down from the Creator of the Fear. I have given my control to the Fear and stopped exploring the Creation of the Fear. Thus, ending my pleasurable dream going to the beach. My dream might have been different if I questioned the Voice speaking the fearful thoughts, instead of identifying them as my own.

My next move is to acknowledge the Voice in my Mind that Created the Fear with the thought, “I’m not safe, I must turn back.”

When I agreed with the Voice in my Mind, I gave away my power and knowing, shifting my entire reality – from excitement and pleasure to fear and anxiety.

Sitting in bed my next move is to become the one who Created the Fear. This move is to experience and reclaim the power I have given to the Voice in my Mind that Creates Fear. When I Intentionally become the Fear Creator, I move from victim to equal.

As I play the role of the Fear Creator I’m happy and feel really strong in my body. I have NO Fear! I laugh at the one in the dream who believed my lies. I know the Truth – there is nothing to fear in this moment, I’m safe and warm, tucked in bed.

After really feeling in my body the strength of the one who Creates the Fear and feeling the dramatic shift in my emotions, it is time for me to slip further under the covers and return to dreaming. Knowing I have reclaimed the Power from the Voice in my Mind that Creates, by becoming one with the Voice on purpose.

I awake from a second dream filled with pleasure and bliss as I dance with many People, feeling wonderful in my body.

The gift from the Fear Creator allowed me to experience pleasure and fun in my dreaming,
fulfilling my original dream desire of visiting the beach in bliss.

– Callie Whitworth

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