Parents: How to Tell Your Kids What to Do, Free of their Rebellion

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A relative who is exploring Awareness told me an Awareness story.

Every morning she makes a vegetable smoothie, really green in color, and tried for several years to get her twins to drink some. Tried is the operative word here- no success.

She got answers like, “Yucky,”    “Never!”    “I can’t believe you drink that stuff!”

Then she felt frustrated and angry, disliking how the day started with two people she Loves very much and this repeated every morning.

One morning she “gave in,” making no requests to the children to drink any, she did not even mention the smoothie and felt better about how the morning went. After two days her son asked to try some and she responded that she would have to make some more, as she had reduced the amount she created.

He said, “I’ll wait.”

She reports being shocked by his answer, however, she decided to shut up and just make more vegetable smoothie. The next day her daughter asked for some. Now, about 3 times a week, the kids ask for some veggie smoothie, as long as she does not ask if they want some.

As this relative is exploring Awareness and Relationship, she applied the same way of being with her husband –
she stopped trying to “help him for his own good.”

Their relationship shifted in ways she enjoys, including being closer. Then she expanded her explorations to herself, as in no longer “pushing” on herself to “be good.”

This relative tells me that her life is easier and happier if she stops trying to fix or help everyone, including “herself.”

She tells me, and I agree from my experience, that whenever she wants something for someone – it seems to create resistance – including inside of herself. Whenever she has the thought or belief that she knows what is good for or even “best” for anyone, the relationship gets messy and distant – which is the opposite of her desire and Intent.

Then she says to me “It seems to be true, the child can be the spiritual teacher to the parent.”

This Awareness sharing is dedicated to my Niece S.
Peace, Hal