Stalking Guidance

I’ve been learning and searching and exploring Guidance for a while now and recently had a moment of Awareness that changed my entire perspective. I am receiving Guidance all the time, everyday, all day long and was asleep to this fact. “You’ve been spending all your time searching for a signthat’s never gonna look the way you … More Stalking Guidance

Two Wolves Battle

-This Teaching Story was a gift to me, so it comes to you, a gift of Awareness- hope you find it useful, a good story for young people (and me too). Along time ago, maybe last week, a young girl around 10 years old went to her Tunkashila upset and worried (Tunkashila- formal word for Grandfather). She … More Two Wolves Battle

The Sabotage Mile

This Story is a good example about how our Mind can sabotage us. A young man bet he could swim a mile wide river. As his friends watched him reach the middle of the river and pause. He stopped because he became afraid of what a Voice in his Mind said, “This is too far, you … More The Sabotage Mile