Client Testimonials

Calmer, More Centered

“I have noticed a significant difference in my son. He is calmer, more centered and seems to be less “busy” in his countenance. He has also noted a significant difference. I am also more aware or “awake” to the times I use victim language in saying things like “that upset me” or “that hurt my feelings.” Your presence in our lives has been a great blessing and we all look forward continue to working with you.”

– Stacy M.

Life has Future Purpose

“Hal has done more for me in 3 sessions than therapy has done for me my entire adult life. In just a few visits I have found peace and joy. Life has a future purpose for me beyond pain and sorrow.

Hal’s quiet manner and confidence in what he teaches brings me to a place where I have become more positive about my choices. He assists me in changing my weaknesses to strengths. Hal is worth the 4hr drive to his lodge from my home every three weeks.”

– Sherrie K.

Parental Perspective

“From a parental perspective, the Enemy Way practice is humbling to say the least. Typically when using the Enemy Way to process an experience with a coworker, stranger, friend, etc., I learn from it and walk away. Easy and beneficial. With my own children, it is different. I learn how to be a better father and am more aware of the behaviors I demonstrate to them.

My first action as a parent is to correct them and teach them. But in reality, what I end up realizing is it is not them who needs fixing. They learned it from me. I end up teaching myself through this process. Again, humbling.

My wife has become my constant teacher, not only with my personal behavior traits, but my parental behavior traits. Using the Enemy Way, I then can easily reflect and see the EXACT part of me that does the same thing to our children that I disapprove of my wife doing.”

– Mike B.