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Here are several ways to go deeper.

The Intention is to share this Medicine the way it was shared with me.
Sharing the Medicine is one of the commands of my Older Sister and Spiritual Teacher,
Germaine Sitting Crow.
Sister crossed on Oct. 12th, 2012.

Peace, Hal

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Meditations & Teaching Stories

Here are energetic movements, meditations and awareness exercises for your enjoyment.


Learn about Dancing Bear Teaching Lodge and Living the Medicine in 3 videos.

Recommended Reading

Because we love books and wanted to share the ones that have positively impacted our lives. Read on my friends, read on.

Client Testimonials

People’s experiences of how this Native Medicine Gestalt Psychotherapy blend has impacted their lives and also their families.

Personal Stalking Stories

These are shared stories from past stalking gathering participants, shared with permission, to illustrate the experience and benefits of incorporating stalking practices into your life.