Stalking Spirit in Relationships Online Course

Discover More Meaning and Purpose in Your Life

Who Spirit Stalking is for:

People who know, in some way, there is more going on in life, and know they won’t be satisfied until they move out of the chaos and find the connection with Spirit in their everyday life, especially relationships.

Now’s the time to get your questions answered. (While we’ve still got time.)

Often people think: Making a Spiritual Connection is complicated, confusing, or beyond them. 

One of the benefits of this aboriginal teaching is its simple, straightforward, and practical. It doesn’t require a college degree. It does require awareness and responsibility.

Spirit Stalking is powerful and it is always interesting, because it is always about you. People share this Way as direct, clear, and fast. It is practical and useful daily – its not just a weekend activity.

Imagine what it would be like to….

  • Be less upset and reactive, and deepen intimacy
  • Find deeper meaning and purpose in your relationships and events
  • Learn to use the connections between your body, mind, emotions, and Spirit
  • Clarifies who You really are
  • Bring order to the chaos

In over 40 years of doing this work, I’ve watched people fall back in love with their partners… develop closer relationships with their kids… get healthier – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

If you’re on edge and have some lingering questions, jump on a private call to get your answers. We’ve got time for you.

“Since I started Stalking, thoughts that use to make me upset, I now laugh at. And I also lost my fear of death.” – JM, a long-time student of spirituality in many forms

What is Spirit Stalking?

This is a Medicine Way, it is aboriginal in origin from the Americas. Spirit Stalking uses our everyday life and interactions with people to discover our training, hidden belief systems and the lost energy tied up in those limiting programs.

This Medicine Way uses the connections of body, emotion, and thoughts as doorways for connecting with Spirit, thus elevating everyday experiences to the extraordinary.

Stalking ourselves is especially useful for clarifying our relationships. We can deepen our relationships, expand our relationships, and/or perhaps end some relationships in a good way.

Course Outline

This is a 7 week online course – 7 being a powerful number – designed for people interested in deep personal/spiritual growth. Being coming less reactive is an effect of Spirit Stalking. Relationships are the most fertile ground for finding our spiritual connection to all people and events.

It includes video lessons, exercises, Q&A, meditations, and steps that build upon each other for understanding and daily, practical application – whether you’re a beginner, or have been studying spirituality for years.

We’ve got time for you and your questions.

You Will Learn:

  • How to use Body, Mind, & Emotions for Spiritual Connection in Relationships
  • Words as Magic (Being Impeccable with our Language)
  • Awareness and Responsibility
  • Recapitulation of Energy (Burning our Personal History)
  • Reclaiming the Energy from our Shadow Side

All lessons are led by Hal Robinson of Dancing Bear Teaching Lodge. Plus you will have access to our Inner Circle Community on Facebook.

“This has opened up my awareness to my reactions and how they get in the way of my desire to connect with others. I have also learned how to change my automatic reactions – this has allowed me to create a much better relationship with my Dad. Now we have fun together and also have deep conversations that are really meaningful.”

– CW, a cattle rancher, energy worker and apprentice Spirit Stalker

About Hal Robinson


The unique aspect of this Medicine Way is reclaiming energy lost to history, trauma, past relationships, and automatic reactions. This is done physically through the body and tends to reprogram the mind as well.

While there is no “one size fits all” approach to Spiritual Growth, Hal has earlier training as a Gestalt Therapist using the polarities that life presents, made it much easier to use the aboriginal view that East & West must be in harmony for peace and health. This Way is particularly useful for those going through challenges, particularly in relationships and experiencing life changes.

What makes Hal different is his honest and direct style, and the light-hearted and non-traditional way that he breathes new life into an ancient practice. His goal is to connect with you on a deeper level and help you heal yourself, while encouraging you to laugh and enjoy the journey.

Clarify Your Spiritual Journey, Deepen Relationships, Reduce Automatic Reactions, AND Bring Order to the Chaos. 

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Don’t let your questions hold you back.