Participation in the Inipi Ceremony

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This is a very old Traditional Indigenous Ceremony to prepare for prayer. If you choose to come, please do so with an attitude of respect and gratitude. The Inipi Ceremony is for us to gather together to offer our prayers after purifying our bodies and minds with the heat.

This Tradition asks women who are “on their moon” (meaning their menstrual cycle) to sweat with us another time, as we honor their natural Ceremony of offering and purifying during their Moontime.

We come together as a Community to learn about the power of Inipi Ceremony, set a personal Intention for the Ceremony and we work together to cover the Inipi lodge.

Men wear shorts inside the Lodge; women wear long skirts and tops with short or long sleeves. Natural fibers (such as cotton) are recommended. Bring one or two towels – one to take inside the Lodge and one to use after.

No contact lenses, glasses, shoes, jewelry, or piercings are permitted inside the Lodge.

An Alter is present outside the Lodge and you are welcome to bring a few small items to place on the Alter where they take up the energy of the Ceremony. You may also bring a drum or rattle if you wish.

A small building is available for changing clothes. Many of us change into dry clothes after the Ceremony. The sacred location is on private land and we will be outdoors except during the Ceremony. Be mindful of appropriate clothing for varying weather conditions.

A small monetary donation to the Sechrists is accepted and appreciated for their willingness to share their land with us.

Please bring some food to share during the pot luck meal. You may also want to bring water to drink and a camp chair.

Please remember to register your Intent to participate with Hal Robinson at