Inipi (Sweat Lodge)

Sweat Lodge Ceremony (Inipi) is one of the Ceremonies brought to the People by White Buffalo Calf Woman. The function of the Ceremony is to purify us so we may pray with a good heart. Prayers always include gratitude for our physical world, our Community, our life and guidance from Creator.

Inipi Ceremonies are most frequently Community Ceremonies, as time and energy are required to prepare, fulfill and complete the Ceremony. Inipi Ceremony is necessary as preparation for Sundance and begins and ends each day of Sundance. Inipi Ceremony is part of Hanbleceya. Sometimes we sweat with the sole Intention to purify ourselves to pray in a good way. Inipi can be separate from any other Ceremony.

We gather monthly for Community Inipis. There are Women Sweat Lodges quarterly. Smaller or individual sweats are available for healing and/or prayer upon request. If interested please contact Hal Robinson at 830-896-8190 or email us.
Information for Inipi Ceremony

Hanbleceya (Crying for a Vision)

Hanbleceya requires a great deal of Community support and therefore must be scheduled well in advance. A personal consultation with the Community Spiritual Leader or Medicine Man is required. The Medicine Man determines the amount of time the Seeker will spend on the hill.

Hanbleceya is often described as a vision quest. The Seeker makes an offering on many levels to receive a vision that benefits the Community as well as the Seeker. Because the Community gives much to support the Seeker’s endeavor it is understood that any vision received is to nourish and support the Community.

This Ceremony is required for Sundancers before dancing. Hanbleceya, like Inipi, can stand alone as a complete Ceremony within itself. Seekers will be alone from one to four days in a remote area on a hill praying for a vision. The amount of days is usually determined with consultation with the Community Spiritual Leader or Medicine Man. The time on the hill is spent without food or water unless there are extenuating medical circumstances or decision by the Medicine Man. The well being of the Seeker is always of first importance.

Hanbleceya requires a great deal of Community support as the Sacred Fire must be kept burning from the beginning Sweat Lodge for Seekers until the final Sweat Lodge ending the Ceremony. The Seekers are required to provide a meal to the Community who help support the Seekers Intent for a meaningful vision. Gifts may be given to Community members by the Seeker.

For more information contact Hal Robinson at 830-896-8190 or email us.