What is Spirit Stalking?

Spiritually Stalking the Self comes from an Indigenous Warrior’s way of living Impeccably and Relentlessly. 

Dancing Bear Teaching Lodge carries on the lineage of Spirit Stalking.

These Spiritual Warriors live in balance by acknowledging the yin and yang to all of life. Born/Die. East/West. Male/Female. It is necessary to have both halves present to live in balance. Through Stalking we honor that our nature is two halves.

As we bring these two halves together,
our energy is whole and supportive of our endeavors.

This joining up of our energies allows us to pursue a happy, peaceful life filled with enjoyable relationships with others and ourSelves. 

A deeper intention of Stalking is to Spiritually clarify life’s challenges.

This Medicine Path we call Spirit Stalking is based on our ability to learn from everyone in our life. Especially the ones we call Enemy. Some Native American tribes use this Medicine to clear men coming back from war through an ‘Enemy Way Ceremony’.

This Ceremony enabled warriors to let go of trauma, pulling their energy from any place it might be stuck and reintegrate it in themselves before joining the Community.

This allowed the warriors to be in the Community in
a whole and good way.


Spirit Stalking is still beneficial to all of us two-leggeds as we can clean-up our part of any relationship, including the one with ourSelf. The emphasis in Spirit Stalking is How, instead of looking for the psychological why.

Enemy Way uses Spirit Stalking to acknowledge our Shadow Side and to reclaim energy from the Voice in our Mind that criticizes us. Through Spirit Stalking we are able to gather our energy from old relationships, past experiences and also from going into the future and worrying.

Through Spirit Stalking we are able to live in the
Here and Now.

This Medicine Way transforms our lives in a full, all-encompassing way, allowing every aspect of our life to be seen as a spiritual endeavor and thus to be Impeccable and Relentless with every action. By living this way we are able to balance body, mind, and spirit, opening the door for harmony and peace to flow through our lives.

This Medicine teaches us to see every aspect of our life as a spiritual endeavor.

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The “How to” of Spirit Stalking.

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