Spiritually Clarify Life’s Challenges



2-Day Gathering

August 24th & 25th, 2019

Saturday 10am-6pm & Sunday 10am-1pm

Only 20 seats available in this circle. More details below.


Results of Spirit Stalking include:

  • Owning your Personal Power

  • Decreasing Automatic Reactions

  • Being more Peaceful in Relationships

  • Experiencing Spirit in the Mundane 

“Since I learned stalking thoughts I use to have that would upset me, now I just laugh at.” – J.M.


Spirit Stalking has been found to have a significantly greater Spiritual and life benefits than the traditional Facebook Stalking.


August 24th & 25th ~ Saturday 10am-6pm & Sunday 10am-1pm

Midday Meal:  During these Gatherings we share an midday meal at the Lodge. (Saturday only).

Water will be provided – please bring a refillable water bottle.

Cost:  $275 ~ This StalkSpirit Gathering is a small circle of 20 people, it is practical to reserve your seat today.  

Mail a check or pay via *Paypal using the DancingBearTeachingLodge@yahoo.com email address. *If paying with Paypal total is $290.

Mail checks to Hal Robinson

144 Fairway Drive, Suite A
Kerrville, Texas 78028

Location:  All Gatherings (unless otherwise noted), are held at the

Healing Arts Center 
144 Fairway Drive, Suite A
Kerrville, Texas 78028

Spirit Stalking is a result of having been trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy before coming to this Medicine Way. Gestalt is based in using the suffering created by the polarities to grow beyond separation.

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This Medicine Way, from North & South America, goes beyond psychology into spirituality. It is based on the solid belief that whatever is in our lives, Spirit has some part in. Looking for what we can learn rather than “Why me?” is crucial to discovering Spirit in all.

So, this very old (10,000 years?) Way seeks to live in harmony with Spirit, to learn what is to be learned.

It seems the left brain – Gestalt training – helped me understand the spiritual teaching for the right brain – using life to learn. The Intent of this Medicine Way is to be in harmony, less reactive, and more aware and responsible for our parts in living in a Circle.

A Blessing of this Medicine Way is any of us can learn it and use it. This Medicine Way is a matter of retraining ourselves to live with the awareness of Spirit in everything and all relationships.

It addresses our Physical & Mental aspects ~balancing the teaching for the right & left brain.  

Hal Robinson has been learning about SpiritStalking for over 40 years, working with thousands people individually and in groups, getting to the core beliefs to People’s life challenges and providing the tools for the person to physically drain the energy out of those limiting beliefs. 

Take the Spiritually Practical Approach.
Join us for the StalkSpirit Gathering.


If you are interested in hosting a StalkSpirit Gathering in your area Contact Us. Traveling is pleasing to us.