The How of Stalking

The How of Stalking involves 3 dimensions.

  1. the most dense is the physical
  2. the emotional is more subtle
  3. the mental level of awareness.


To be a Stalker we choose to use all 3 dimensions for developing our awareness and responsibility.

Choosing is the operative word here because many people tend to ignore their physical reactions and even their emotions.
Sometimes we repress our emotions rather than honor them.
The other part of Stalking is noticing our reactions to events in the physical world and the doings of other People.


In this way, our relationships and events that happen in the physical world create one large teaching laboratory for our spiritual growth.


For example – If I see something on t.v. or the internet that I react to by becoming angry and upset,
this is the moment I can begin Stalking my reactions.

I Stalk my reactions by acknowledging my anger as an emotional response. I can then notice where am I tightening my physical body (neck, shoulders, belly…). And I can become aware of my judgmental, critical thoughts.


Judgment of others creates the emotion of anger.
Self judgment creates guilt and shame.

At this point in the stalking maneuver, it is important to acknowledge How often I have these kinds of reactions to People and the World. If I tell myself the truth I will learn how reactive I truly am. (Like a leaf at the mercy of the wind.)

The Old Teachers say that to live as a leaf at the mercy of the wind is a weak way to live.

The next move in Stalking is to describe the behavior I am reacting to using adjectives. (He is being critical and judgmental. She is being greedy.) To describe the behavior is essential. Name calling is not useful. To call someone a jerk does not help me put things in a spiritual context.

To pursue the Stalking endeavor I engage the spiritual concept of the mirror. For example, if I react to someone being judgmental, I begin to look for How and When I am judgmental. Actually, am I judging them for being judgmental. (Pause for thought.)


We assess others to assess ourselves. 

If I am Intent on my follow-through in my Stalking endeavor I would look (Stalk) several days for my judgmental thoughts and spoken words. I can also Stalk my judgment using my physical body – when I am judgmental I tighten my body somewhere. Another level is to become aware of how I feel emotionally. (Judgment of others creates the emotion of anger. Self judgment creates guilt and shame.)

If I choose to follow-through and discover How and When I am critical and judgmental – And I do not like judgment from other People – Will I give up judgment?


This is a Spiritual Warrior’s challenge. To be in the World, free of judgment.


As Sister Germaine often reminded us, we do not tell anyone how to think or behave.
We look at our own behavior and thoughts.