What We Do

Stalking Sessions

At the Dancing Bear Teaching Lodge, we facilitate both one-on-one and group learning sessions, using a technique called “Stalking”. These in-office meetings help us explore our shadow nature and come into alignment and acceptance of your entire Self, so that unconditional love and healing can enter in. These sessions can be scheduled as needed, depending upon your personal circumstance, and it is typical for them to be weekly in frequency.

Contact Hal Robinson at 830-896-8190 or email us.


We offer several types of Stalking Gatherings lasting from a few days to a week. These Gatherings are an opportunity for deeper work and are designed for those who are looking to take their spiritual and energetic discovery to a more intense level. Although these sessions are more intense, all levels of participants are invited and welcome. We call these events Gatherings instead of Workshops, leaving out work. Exploring in a group is very powerful, and enables the entire group to move deeper together. It is typical for Gatherings to occur monthly.


In conjunction with the non-profit organization, Preserving the Ways, we conduct Ceremony.  These can include sweat lodge, as well as vision quests. All levels are welcome and Ceremonies most often occur quarterly. Ceremonies are typically scheduled separately from Gatherings.


Dancing Bear Teaching Lodge

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