Spiritually Clarify Life’s Challenges

Forget the psycho-babble of traditional counseling and therapy.


StalkSpirit is a blend of
Gestalt Psychotherapy and Native American Medicine.  

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It addresses our Physical & Mental aspects ~balancing the teaching for the right & left brain.  

Hal Robinson has been developing SpiritStalking for over 40 years, working with hundreds individually and in groups, getting to the core beliefs of People’s life challenges and providing the tools for the person to physically drain the energy out of those sucky beliefs.

Benefits of Spiritual Stalking include:

  • Knowing your Personal Power
  • Experiencing Spirit in the mundane 
  • Decreasing Automatic Reactions
  • Being more Peaceful Relationships


Hal Robinson has been doing Gestalt psychotherapy with people for over 40 years to find spiritual solutions to life’s everyday challenges and issues. He has worked with thousands of individuals across the country training them with the tools to live a less reactive life with more peace and freedom. Hal’s approach to learning our spiritual lessons sets this method apart from traditional counseling and therapies.

If you are interested in hosting a StalkSpirit Gathering in your area Contact Us. Traveling is pleasing to us.